Who I am

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I am Andrea Binello, I am 46 years old and I live in Italy in a small town near Turin. I am a professional software developer with an overall experience of 20+ years. On programming forums (e.g. html.it and iprogrammatori.it) and in general on the internet I am more known by my nickname “andbin”.

I'm mainly a Java Senior developer with 11+ years of experience in this area. I have an extremely solid and “crystal-clear” knowledge of the Java language because I was able to study it and appreciate it thoroughly and at length and also because I like to continue to follow the evolutions of the language. I have a broad knowledge of all Java features at least up to Java 8 (including: lambda expressions, method references, Stream API, Date-Time API, etc...). I also have a fair/good view on the new features from Java 9 up to Java 14, although lately Java is advancing much faster than in the past.

Recently (since March 2020) I am also studying Kotlin, another “modern” and very interesting language for the Java Virtual Machine.

Studies and certifications

In 1992 I obtained the diploma in Electronics (italian title: “Perito elettronico”). In the following years, between 1994 and 1996, I attended two specialization courses provided by C.S.E.A. (a training institution that existed at that time) in the field of microprocessors:

  • Technician of Motorola/Intel microprocessor systems (italian title: “Tecnico di sistemi a microprocessore Motorola/Intel”), course of 400 hours
  • Technician designer of applications on microprocessor systems (italian title: “Tecnico progettista di applicazioni su sistemi a microprocessore”), course of 1400 hours

In 2006 I started studying the Java language on my own. Thanks to my passion and interest about Java, I also achieved two professional certifications in 2007 and 2010:

  • SCJP 5 (“Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0”)
    exam CX-310-055, score 91%
  • SCWCD 5 (“Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5”)
    exam CX-310-083, score 94%


Java programming:

  • Excellent and solid knowledge of the Java programming language and all the features up to Java 8
  • OOP and Design Pattern
  • Very good overall knowledge of the JavaSE framework: AWTcollectionsconcurrencyDate/Time APII/OImageIOJava2DJAXBJAXPJDBCnetworkingregular expressionsStream APISwing and more ...
  • Basic/minimal knowledge of JavaFX
  • JavaEE web components: custom tagsFilterJSPServlet
  • JavaEE (other): CDIEJBEclipse Micro ProfileJAX-RSJSON-PJSON-B
  • Framework/libraries (at various levels): FreeMarkerGsoniBATIS/MyBatisJacksonJavaMailJoda-TimeJSTLJUnitlog4jMapStructMockitoOWNERSLF4JSpring FrameworkSpring BootTestNG and more ...
  • IDEs: EclipseIntelliJ IDEA (basic)
  • Build tools: Apache AntApache Maven
  • Servers: Apache TomcatJBoss (basic)

General programming:

  • Good knowledge of the C language (but I don't use it since the end of 2008 !)
  • Knowledge at various levels of: HTMLCSSJavascriptJSONXMLXSLT/XPath
  • Good knowledge of REST web services
  • Good knowledge of the SQL language in general


  • PostgreSQLMongoDB

Other tools:

  • Git: SourceTreeFork
  • Testing: PostmanSoapUI